So, you have eye floaters?

I had them too. In fact, I had them for almost a year before I found a proper, affordable cure to the problem. If you’re suffering from eye floaters, then my first advice would be to not worry, because they can be cured, and the treatment doesn’t cost much either, contrary to popular belief. My life would be pretty different right now if I hadn’t accidentally discovered Eye Floaters No More, which was the treatment I got. I’m going to share what I went through, what I found out about how to get rid of eye floaters and hope others can benefit from my experience.

First things first, though.

Let’s first understand just what exactly you’re dealing with.

For those people who have no idea what eye floaters are, they are small specks that float in a victim’s field of vision. They come in different shapes and sizes, some more obtrusive than others. They can be irritating and hard to ignore, but people do manage to ignore them when they are in small quantities and size. On the other hand, if they happen to be large and numerous, they can make simple daily activities, like watching television, gaming or drawing extremely irksome.

Eye floaters can occur due to many reasons which include various eye injuries and diseases. They generally happen to people who are above the age of 50, but in rare cases they can happen to younger people too. I was 25 when I got my eye floaters. One common misconception about eye floaters circulating around the Internet is that they are completely harmless, and therefore, should be ignored. This is true most of the times, but in some cases, including mine, eye floaters get worse over time and threaten to completely impair the eyesight of the victim. This is where you shouldn’t ignore the problem and take steps to get rid of the eye floaters. If you notice the eye floaters getting worse, you need to get help immediately otherwise you may end up having your vision completely blocked out and being blinded.

As I mentioned, I got my eye floaters when I was 25.

At first I had no idea what they were. I had never heard of them before. They occasionally showed up, and disappeared when I blinked and moved my eyes a little. I didn’t put my mind to it too much as I thought it might be a temporary problem with my eyes and would go away after a while. This went on for a few weeks until the floaters grew in number. Eye floaters come in different shapes and sizes, like rings, specs and strands. Mine were in the form of miniature strands. I only noticed them when I looked at blank pieces of paper, or anything bright enough to throw the floaters into contrast. They didn’t affect my daily life whatsoever, which is probably the reason why I didn’t care much about them. I was still convinced that it might be some temporary problem. The problem, however, persisted over the upcoming months. The floaters grew on a noticeable scale, and I could easily acknowledge their presence during my daily activities. This is when I tried to find out about what these marks in my vision were.

The first thing I did was google: “What are these floating things in my eyes”? I got a few websites which told me that it was a harmless form of “bacteria” (which they are not) which had no negative effects and should be ignored. This was a relief for me, and I did exactly as I had been advised. Of course, the websites were referring to the lesser version of eye floaters, which do not increase in number and become a threat after a while.

Whenever my eye floaters began bothering me, I moved my eyes in a circle, and they seemed to subside. I sometimes tried washing my eyes with water, but to no effect. However, as the months went by, the problem not only persisted, but kept growing worse. Watching YouTube videos and gaming were my way of relaxing after work, and these activities were being absolutely marred by the eye floaters. Some irritating strands blocking and obscuring my vision was not my idea of a good time.

This was the point where I was beginning to get worried. I talked about it to the people I knew, and most of them didn’t know much about it. The ones who did gave me the same advice which I had been mistakenly following for quite some time until then. Once again, I referred to the Internet, and this time, I did some extensive research on the subject. I learnt about what eye floaters were exactly, and about the fact that they had the potential to become a serious problem and cause harm to the eyes. This was extremely stressful for me, as my eye floaters had been growing, which meant that they would keep doing so until permanent damage was done. I researched the possible cures that I could undergo, and they were all pretty expensive.

And I might have been willing to make the due payments just to get rid of those annoying floaters, but the high costs weren’t the only downside of the treatments which were available. Those treatments had a small chance of causing even bigger problem for my eyes than what the eye floaters were causing. These included cataracts, and detached and torn retinas. These were potentially capable of completely destroying my eyesight, which was what the eye floaters were doing in the first place. Therefore, I was caught in a dilemma between slowly going blind and risking being blind all of a sudden while getting a treatment. I was only 26 years old at the time, and going blind at such an age could have been devastating for me in terms of my career progress and my social life.

This part of my life saw me in complete misery and hopelessness.

My friends and family had a variety of reactions to my situation which ranged from consolation and wishing me luck to downright trying to strong arm me into undergoing a treatment and getting rid of my eye floaters once and for all.

The cheapest of these treatments cost roughly around $3000 dollars. I was considering going with it. The treatment included the use of lasers to remove the eye floaters one by one. As I mentioned before, there was a small chance that I could lose my eyesight as a negative side effect of the treatment. It is hard to describe what I felt then in words. By this point I had stopped all sorts of electronic means of entertainment altogether because they just weren’t worth the frustration they brought along with them. This did little to improve my mood. Book reading was also out of the question, as the floaters would make me misread or overlook certain words and take away the immersive atmosphere I preferred to have while reading a book. It was a good thing that I wasn’t a student in those days otherwise my studies would have suffered a great deal.

I kept absent-mindedly searching the Internet for any tips and advice that I might be able to get my hands on. Most of the websites I found turned out to be elaborate scams, which claimed to have low cost solutions but as I followed their registration process, it became clear that they meant to charge a lot more money than what they initially advertised. My local eye specialists had recommended getting a laser treatment as soon as possible, hinting repeatedly at the fact that my eye floaters were about to become a lot more than a minor discomfort.

Lady Luck was on my side, though, as it would seem.

In my desperate quest to find any solution which didn’t involve my bank account taking a massive hit while still providing the risk of my eyesight getting worse than it already was, I stumbled upon a site called Eye Floaters No More. I noticed that I had already visited the site before, but passed it off as another scam without properly looking into it. This time, I was on the verge of giving up, and I was in no position to ignore anything which could possibly lead to salvation. That night I gave the website a proper investigative style reading. Yes, I could still look at my laptop’s screen and read stuff; it wasn’t that bad yet. It was, however, irritating having to shift my eyes up and down every now and then or having to adjust my positioning to read the content.

The website started with explaining what eye floaters were and how they take place. It then proceeded to give some stories by people who had used their service. Most of them were pretty similar to mine, which was: getting eye floaters, not getting any proper help and not being able to or being unwilling to take the laser surgery which was widely available. The list of people offering their recommendations went on for a while as I kept scrolling. After the recommendations came descriptions of what the cure actually provided, which was: a completely natural method for curing the eye floater at an unbelievably low cost with absolutely no negative side effects.

This seemed exactly like the countless scams I had encountered during my search for a solution online. The website design was perhaps even less appealing. One thing caught on to me, though. Eye Floaters No More were offering a 60 day money back guarantee that their service would work completely. This was something I hadn’t seen in any of the scam sites which I had visited before. I decided to get some rest and think on it the following day.

I talked to my close friends and family about Eye Floaters No More, and some were very skeptical about it. I couldn’t blame them much, as I was too. However, from my perspective, even if it didn’t work, it wasn’t like I was spending too much on it. I went through their entire payment system, and there weren’t any hidden or extra costs. This got me more inclined towards trying them out. If it ended harming me further, it was likely that that would have happened anyways. If it had no effect whatsoever, I would simply be given my money back, which was so little compared to the conventional surgeries that it wouldn’t have mattered even if I didn’t receive it back. Thus, I decided to give it a shot, ignoring my friends who advised me against it.

The plan was to give Eye Floaters No More a try, and immediately get my laser surgery if the initial treatment didn’t work. As surrealistic as it sounded, having a natural treatment without any negative side effects was an extremely alluring prospect. If it didn’t work within a month, though, I’d have no choice but to get the laser surgery because I was beginning to have occasional flashes, which I had found through my research were very late stage side effects of eye floaters and needed to be treated pronto to avoid lasting damage.

What I hadn’t expected was Eye Floaters No More to have the effect it did. It was actually as they advertised. The testimonials which I once looked at with suspicion didn’t seem so outlandish anymore. My eye floaters were actually reducing in number within a week of usage. I didn’t tell anyone about this at first because even then I wasn’t sure if it would work completely. However, as my condition grew better and better and I was getting rid of eye floaters, I openly announced that the treatment I was taking was having its due effects and that I was expecting to get cured in a short span of time. This was true, since within three weeks, my condition was better to the point that I could read books again, watch movies and play video games to my heart’s content. I continued to undergo the treatment as per instructions till the floaters were cured completely. My eye floaters were gone, there were no negative effects, and I lost the same amount of money which I would have spent buying my friends some lunch. My life was back on track, and I truly felt alive once more.

If you have the same problem which I did, then I, of course, recommend Eye Floaters No More. There is nothing to lose in trying their treatment, and it will save you quite a bit of time. However, if you don’t want to use their product, other surgeries are available too. What matters is that you don’t worry about the floaters. This is very important, as it was my constant worrying which led to me being depressed all the time. My social life and health suffered a lot because of this. Once again, my advice is to not worry, because the problem you have CAN be solved. Make sure you try your best to social, stay positive and live as normally as you can while you’re getting ready to undergo treatment.

I hope that armed with this knowledge you now know how to get rid of eye floaters and return to a normal life.